Frequently Asked Questions

About us

Crosspay is a UK based digital payments company that allows individuals and corporates to send payments overseas for personal and business needs using a smartphone, tablet, computer or by calling our dedicated team.

We provide extremely competitive rates and our charges are low, and we also provide a personalised service to all our customers!

Money can be sent to bank accounts and for cash pick-ups. We are constantly expanding the options through which people can receive money.

You can send money to over 100 countries currently and this number is growing!


Yes. Safety and Security is very important to us. We ensure that our website and mobile app is secure by using industry standard encryption.

All the partner companies we use to process payments are also required to comply with strict security and privacy standards.

Crosspay is regulated as an Authorised Payment Institution by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and we are legally required to hold all of our customers’ funds in a segregated client account separate from our operational accounts.

Crosspay Ltd is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2009 (FRN 720157) for the provision of payment services.

Crosspay Ltd is licensed and regulated by HMRC as a Money Services Business (MSB), Licence No.12847230.

You can find full details of our privacy policy here.

Setting up my account

You can sign up for an account through this link on our website. It is completely free and you will be required to provide some very basic details of yourself.

We are also working on our mobile app and once this is ready you can also sign up there.

Alternatively, you can also contact us here and someone will help you get this done.

You can amend details on your account anytime, but for security reasons this can only be authorised by getting in touch with us directly here.

If for any reason you would like to close your account, contact us here and we will delete your account. Once this is done it cannot be accessed by you or anybody else.

No. You can only sign up once. If we find that there is more than one account for a customer, we may block all the accounts.

If you think you may have created more than one account, let us know by contacting us here and we will keep the one you want and close the other(s).


Processing a transaction can be done in three simple steps.

  • Choose which country you want to send money to and how you would like the recipient to receive the money.
  • Tell us who you want to send money to by providing their name and other relevant details (If it is the first time you are sending money to a recipient this may need to be authorised by us and then going forward the details will be saved in your account)
  • Tell us the amount of money you want to send, review the details and pay for your transfer.

You can do this by logging in to your account on our website or through the mobile app.

Alternatively, you can also call or email us here, and we can help with you with it. Make sure you have your customer number ready to quote.

Our charges and exchange rate will be clearly displayed at the time of doing the transaction. You can also use our online calculator to get this information.

Generally, it takes just one working day. However, this can vary depending on which country you are sending to and how you are sending it.

The transaction itself will only be released once we can confirm that the payment has been made and received by us.

The time indicated may also vary slightly due to some things such as additional security checks and market conditions in the destination countries which are beyond our control.

Any transactions made on Friday evening, weekends and bank holidays will only be processed on the next working day

There is nothing more to do from your side, unless you are contacted by us for additional details.

We will verify some information and process the transaction.

If you want to ask us anything about the progress of your transaction, please contact us here.

As most transactions are processed within minutes, it may not be possible to amend any details. However, if you do need to amend any details on a transaction, contact us here and we will try our best to help you.

Most transactions are processed within minutes and cannot be cancelled. However, if you do need to cancel a transaction, contact us here and we will try our best to help you.

If a cancellation is possible, we may not be able to refund the charges in most situations. We will give you more information at the time.

There are a lot of scams that are being run by criminals who try to get victims to send money through services like Crosspay. So we advise you not to send money to anyone you don’t know.


If we are unable to verify your identity independently or depending on the amount you're sending, we may ask you to provide some of the following documents to verify your identity:

Proof of Identity: Scanned copy of your passport/Scanned copy of full UK driving licence (not provisional)/Scanned copy of EU member state ID card with photo

Proof of Address: Utility bill* (we don’t accept mobile phone bills or payslips)/Bank statement*/Bank letter*/Tenancy Agreement/Credit card statement*/NHS letter/Provisional driving licence/Council Tax bill*/Official letter from any UK Government body

*These documents should not be more than three months old.

Depending on the amount being sent and for certain types of transactions, we may ask you to provide some of the following documents to verify the source of funds:

Payslip/Bank statement/screenshot from online banking/Tax rebate receipt/Completion statement of house sale/Car sale receipt, etc./Bank loan documents (including mortgages)

We are working on a feature where you can upload the documents directly on to your account, in the meantime when requested, you can email the documents to

Paying for my transfer

You can pay in the following ways:

By debit/credit card (for telephone transactions, this is up to a maximum of £1000 for a 30-day period; for online transactions, this is up to a maximum of £2000 over a 30-day period).

By bank transfer (any amount as long your bank will allow it)

Remember, there may be restrictions on how much can be received depending on the country you are sending to and the how you are sending the transaction.

We do not accept cash or cheques.

No. We don’t accept payments from anyone other than yourself (the customer). When making the payment, make sure that the money is either being transferred from your account or made using your debit/credit card.

Corporate Customers

If you are a corporate, contact us here and we will help you get going as it is a slightly different process to signing up as an Individual.

We will be happy to give you a personalised service.


If you can’t find the answer to your what you are looking for, contact us here and someone will be happy to help you out.